GlenRock Israel
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About Us
A Dynamic Private Equity Investment Boutique…

Founded by Leon Recanati in 2003, the GlenRock Group leverages a unique combination of the flexibility of private equity funding, multidisciplinary in-house expertise, unmatched access to quality deal flow, and a focused but flexible investment strategy to achieve maximum returns.

With an access to a global network and the most prominent names in Israeli business, academia, and science, GlenRock is experienced at identifying Life Sciences and advanced technology opportunities - and leading them to realization of their true market potential.

GlenRock takes an active and long-term role in the development and growth of portfolio companies – ensuring that extraordinary ideas evolve into business success stories.

…that Makes a Difference

GlenRock realizes that with investment success comes the responsibility of making a difference. Thus, GlenRock's unique vision extends beyond the realm of profit.

Actively committed to the capital success of all portfolio companies, GlenRock is also dedicated to bettering quality of life through the advanced technology these companies develop. GlenRock's Life Sciences investment strategy always keeps in mind technology's ultimate beneficiary – people.

GlenRock's management team consistently demonstrates strong personal devotion to community involvement. Deeply active in academic and philanthropic organizations, the GlenRock team shows vision, leadership and a willingness to work together to create a better tomorrow.